Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.


Breed Saddlebred Height Approx. 16 hh
Age 15 years Training English and Western saddle
Rider Type Intermediate or advanced rider Price $600
Champ was found skinny and abandoned in Watauga County with four other horses. As a Saddlebred stallion he ran the herd but even then was gentle and respectful with people. We know that Champ came out of a well-known Saddlebred breeding barn and his training is extensive. Now that he is gelded Champ has put on weight and is a gorgeous copper chestnut. If you want a flashy horse, he fits the bill. When he is ridden he moves like the quintessential Saddlebred, neck arched, tail up with lots of action. His gentle personality is a wonderful balance to his energy. Champ did suffer from an injury to his front left leg. He has had x-rays and a vet evaluation. It is soft tissue damage that might limit his ability to be ridden hard and often, but with the right shoes he is sound and his movement is not compromised at all. He has wonderful ground manners including loading, lunging, and standing for the farrier. His range of experience appears to have been in the arena so for someone interested in trail riding you will need to be a little patient with him. Exposing him to new things slowly. We have had him on the road and he was nervous but ultimately did everything we asked.