Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.



Breed unknown Height  12 hh
Age 1 year Training Halter broke
Rider Type TBD Price TBD

Chance is one of our newest horses. He came to us a very sick little boy, only about a year old and missing 90 percent of his hair. Chance was rescued from starvation when he was about 6 months old and has never been able to really thrive. The vets think he has a weak immune system and was unable to fight off environmental risks as would a healthy horse. He began to lose his hair in late winter without coming out in handfuls. In January Horse Helpers paid a vet to go to his owner’s home and she put him on antibiotics and told the owner to move him to a different pasture. He started doing better but they were unable to move him so he remained in a very wet environment. He was in a pasture virtually naked with no coat until a Good Samaritan lent the owner a sheet. In March Chance started going downhill again. The problem became too big for his rescuer to handle and so she surrendered Chance to us.

After Chance was with us about three weeks he stopped losing hair and began to put on weight. The swelling in his back legs is gone and his legs are no longer extremely painful. His skin still hurts so baths and brushing is hard but it is less painful then when he first arrived. And although if you saw him today you might say he looks terrible, to us, he is looking like a miracle; he has a little peach fuzz over almost all of his “naked parts.” Every warm day he receives medicated baths, he goes on daily walks where is kicking and bucking because he feels better. Chance is getting all kinds of things to boost his immunity–probiotics, aloe, iron, alfalfa and a youth feed. Our Healing Touch practitioner, Peggy Setzer, works on him twice a week and the vets are on top of his other healthcare needs. Chance’s hooves were too long and one hoof was twisting out and had thrown his back leg into an unnatural position. The farrier started working on his hooves and he is learning to walk again.

Today he is able to be out on his own in a grass turnout where he can buck and run and play as he wishes. He and Chester have become good friends and he is starting to behave like a real horse. Chance is really improving If you can come by and see him, he would love a visit.