Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.


Breed Tennessee Walking Horse Height Approx. 15 hh
Age 23 years Training Pasture horse
Rider Type No riding Price $0

Chico is a southern gentleman of the first order. He is an approximately 23 years old and is a Tennessee Walking Horse. Unfortunately, due to his owner’s health problems, Chico was sold to a family who didn’t know how to take care of him and when we were called in he was close to death from starvation.

Once sick and starved, today Chico has recovered as well as some old guys can. His starvation was solely due to never having dental care. Chico’s back molars had grown hooks so bad he was unable to chew. He was standing in hay he couldn’t eat, slowly starving to death. His teeth will never be perfect and he needs some special care to insure he gets all the nutrition he needs. Nonetheless he is a happy horse.

We soon discovered that Chico was something of a local celebrity. The first hint of this was when two middle school-aged boys knocked on our door and asked if they could visit Chico. Turned out that one of the young men was the grandson of Chico’s original owner. Since that visit all of our local supporters have been by to tell stories about Chico. He has lived quite an interesting life and has been on every road on this side of the county that there is. Come by and hear some of Chico’s more colorful stories.