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Cosmic Jet (Adoption Pending)

Breed Thoroughbred Height Approx. 17.2 hh
Age 13 years Training English and Western
Rider Type Pasture horse but still under evaluation for sight limitations in relation to riding Price $0
Jet is a special needs, 13-year-old, off the track thoroughbred. Jet is gorgeous and has had an amazing life working hard on the racetrack between 2 and 5 years old. He ran 26 races in three years! And on top of it his legs are clean. Jet is the old style racehorse body type. He stands at 17.2 with strong big legs and a broad chest. His descended from such illustrious racehorses as Native Dancer and Man of War. Jet came to us because his family was unable to provide all the food he needed—he eats a lot. He has put on a tremendous amount of weight—his ribs are almost gone. He is a funny gentle giant and his personality comes out more everyday as he becomes more comfortable with the routine at the barn. Jet is blind in one eye and his sight is limited in the other. The vet is unable to determine whether he will eventually lose all sight in his good eye or not. His near blindness makes him a special needs horse. He needs a safe pasture that is easy to navigate with a buddy that he can count on as his “seeing eye dog.” He does best with routine and consistency. Because his sight limitations seem to have happened fairly recently he is still adjusting to life with little to no sight. He needs someone with lots of patience and a person he can trust. Ideally, his person would begin teaching him voice commands in case he did lose all of his sight. Jet is a special needs boy and we are looking for the perfect final home. He is so noble and has worked so hard in his life he deserves the chance to be loved and to live his days out in comfort and safety. Can you give him that home?