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Lady (Adoption pending)

Breed Leopard Appaloosa Height Approx. 14 hh
Age 20 years Training Western
Rider Type Beginner Price $250
Lady and Boots came in together when their owners could no longer afford to care for them. She has only been at the rescue for a week and is still under evaluation. She was regularly trail ridden and has a sweet temper. We were told that everything she does under saddle is slow so she could be a good horse for a beginner. Lady has a cough and would be best living in good dry pasture with a run in, not a barn. If her cough progresses she will probably need some special feeding, ie wet hay in winter and medication for COPD. Presently she has an occasional cough based on the weather and degree of moisture in the ground. When dry there is no cough, during high pollen season we treat her with antihistamine to reduce any bronchial irritation. She puts on weight very quickly so she is an easy keeper and we think she would need to be watched on lush grass.