Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.


Breed Molly Mule Height Approx. 15 hh
Age 10 years Training 60 days training under saddle, western
Rider Type Unlimited potential, advanced Price $500
Matilda was found abandoned in Watauga County with four other horses. She is a Molly mule just started under saddle. She is currently with a professional trainer and when she returns to us will have had 60 days professional training. Matilda is incredibly sweet but shy. According to the trainer she will need someone willing to ride her frequently with consistent regular ground handling. He believes her previous training was inconsistent with long spells of no handling at all; this has conditioned her to have only limited trust with humans. To continue moving forward with her training she needs regular positive attention. We don’t know much about her history but trust issues have been some of our biggest hurdles. She had trouble with men especially, but as you can see from the photo, some of her favorite people are now men. Matilda is perfect for the farrier; she loads and has all her basic ground skills mastered.