Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.


Haflinger cross? Haflinger Cross? Height Approx. 13 hh
Age Coming 4 years old Training Started under saddle
Rider Type Western or English, advanced Price $400
McCoy comes from the Watauga County area called the Back of Beech. He was found by Animal Control tied in a dark barn standing in feces with old stale water and little hay. McCoy gives us a good example of how important it is to geld your studs. This family bought him as a stud and they turned him out in the pasture. Because he was a growing boy he went in search of mares, crossing pastures, jumping fences and generally overcoming any obstacles between him and the “girls.” Hence his life in a dark barn. This is not a life for a horse. Stallions have a strong drive to mate and without proper fencing and handling they can become dangerous and unruly. This was where McCoy was headed when we got him. He managed to jump over or take down most of the fence we had in his search for girls—jumping might be his strong-suit. He is now pastured with mares and handles himself like a perfect gentleman. McCoy is now under saddle and ready to be moved forward as a project for an advanced handler. He is very smart and willing, mischievous and friendly. He is a blast to work with. McCoy needs to be with a handler who is strong because as is often the case with Haflingers, he could be pushy and try to rule the “show.” Oh, and if you wonder how he got his name, our animal control officer said that McCoy came to Animal Control’s attention because of a long standing feud between two families. “It was like the Hatfields and McCoys.” And so McCoy it was!