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North Carolina Horse Adoption - Miss Lola (Registered Name - Hula Honey)

Lola - Hula Honey
Breed Registered American Saddlebred Height Approx. 16.2 hh
Age 8 years Training English, Western
Rider Type Intermediate to Advanced Price $800

Miss Lola is a registered American Saddlebred Horse mare with significant training in the ring. She is a lovely chestnut with an unusual silvery, flaxen mane and tail. Her sire is the champion Saddlebred Callaway’s Wish Me Will with champion bloodlines going back four generations on her sire’s side. Lula is a kind, sensitive mare who would ideally be able to attach to one person.

We do not have a record of her showing, but were told that she was shown and it is clear that she is most comfortable in the ring. Lola was foaled in 2006, received her training, was shown, and then ended up in a hoarding situation by a nationally known ASH rider. It is hard to imagine that a mare with a stellar pedigree and show experience could end up in a situation in which horses died from starvation, but surprises never cease.

In 2012, the owner agreed to surrender most of her remaining horses and Lola was adopted to a loving home. LolaThere she was given a year with little to no work, just a chance to recover her weight and her trust. Circumstances are such that her adopted owner believes Lola needs the opportunity to be ridden and challenged more then she is now, and so we are helping to find her a home with someone who might be interested in showing her or at least in challenging her mentally. She is too young to just be hanging out in a pasture.

We are uncertain yet, but initial work seems to indicate that Miss Lola could be 5-gaited. She is definitely most comfortable in a ring, but we are working on her trail riding experience. We have ridden her in saddle seat tack as well as Western, using a broken snaffle. She did well in both disciplines. In the attached videos she had not been ridden for at least two years. We were impressed with how hard she tried to respond to her rider’s requests. She is rusty but a little time and consistent riding and it will all come back to her. Since those videos she has been ridden more and all of her gaits are becoming more animated.

Lola Self FacialAnd Lola has a fun loving side too. The picture to the left is of her after a hard sweaty work out. It had rained the day before and the arena was wet with standing puddles. We had been working her inside. We let her loose in the arena after her training and she made a beeline for the puddles. She rolled and rolled so that she could cover every part of her body and as you can see, she gave herself a mud facial.

Adopting Lola at $800 is a huge opportunity for someone interested in acquiring a correct horse with extensive training. She is the quality of horse many of us only dream about owning.

Lola - Hula Honey Registration