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North Carolina Horse Adoption - Misty

Breed Appendix (Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred Cross) Height Approx. 15 hh
Age 10 years Training English, Western
Rider Type Advanced beginner to intermediate Price $500
Misty has been with us for a while. She is an amazing, high-spirited but kind mare bought off a slaughter truck. She had great potential as a show jumper. Misty was adopted a little over a year ago for a young girl so that she and Misty could begin in low-level show jumping. Unfortunately a few months after her adoption she was badly injured in their pasture and given the uncertainty of the healing process, Misty came back to Horse Helpers. A year later, after months of stall rest, hydrotherapy and daily nursing, Misty—the horse one vet said to put down after looking at her injury–is completely healed. Misty She is building muscle everyday and is back under saddle with no sign of lameness. Unless you know to look at her leg you would not even notice the scars immediately. She is most definitely ready for a home where she is ridden moderately. She has become a calmer horse and much more attuned to people. Misty could be a wonderful mare for a confident female rider, she is kind but opinionated and needs someone with a calm steady presence.