Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.

Our Work

our work

The Horse Helpers of The High Country is a North Carolina horse rescue farm situated in a beautiful and peaceful valley just outside of Boone. We provide a safe haven for our rescue horses and other animals, as well as many community services such as speaking engagements, farm tours/school field trips, conflict transformation, internship opportunities, and matchmaking. For more information on our work in each of these areas, please see a more detailed description below of our programs and initiatives.

Speaking Engagements

speaking engagements

We are available to speak to your club or organization about Horse Helpers in the community.

Good animal care fosters life long lessons in community building. Did you know that animal abuse is one of the four indicators used by the FBI for assessing future violence? In addition, 88% of children abused also report pet abuse. How we care for our animals teaches us how to care for each other. Support your local equine rescue, support a better community.

Contact us to discuss your group’s needs so that we can tailor the talk specifically for them.

Farm Tours – School Field Trips

school field trips

Here at Horse Helpers of The High Country, we offer a wonderful setting for a school or organization field trip. Kids of all ages love the experience of our farm tour and so do our horses!

A wonderful opportunity to come get up close and personal with the rescue horses, our school field trip and barn tour program offers students, youth organizations, and other groups the chance to touch, feed, brush and offer companionship to our four legged friends.

Groups that enter the haven of Horse Helpers have a chance to learn about the rescue program, have a few laughs, and, most importantly, give the horses the love and companionship they so long for. Contact us today to learn more about our field trip program or to schedule your very own peaceful and fun experience.

Conflict Transformation

conflict transformation

We, as humans, are often deeply dependent on the use of language to express ourselves. Yet too often, it becomes apparent that language alone is insufficient, or that we may interpret the same words or ideas differently then the person with whom we are trying to relate. In addition, we unconsciously respond to the body language of others, sometimes without an awareness of what our own body language is projecting. Horses, on the other hand, are some of the most sensitive animals to body language in great part because they are herd animals and prey animals. Their skills can be a gift to us, teaching us how to better communicate with others.

By using a horse’s intuitive response to our movement, they can teach us to be more aware of the cues we project. We can learn how to better resolve a problem by transforming it and how to communicate with other people when a language and/or cultural barrier exists. Further, the workshops can strengthen your leadership and communication skills.

Join us and learn from the horses. Contact us regarding Conflict Transformation Workshops

Internship Opportunities


The Horse Helpers of The High Country Internship Program is designed to immerse participants in the daily operations of a non-profit horse rescue by giving them an unique opportunity to work with neglected and abused horses.

Through education and interaction, students gain experience working with equine professionals and the public throughout the rescue and rehabilitation process. Interns can expect to gain significant equine experience, recognize equine cruelty and neglect, receive training in basic rehabilitation, and learn about horse psychology and its application in training.

Join us and learn from the horses. Contact us regarding horse rescue internship opportunities.


Horse Helpers of the High Country helps connect people who have horses that need to be rehomed with people who would like to rehome a horse. While we are not directly involved in the adoption process we are pleased to make initial introductions. Together the people with horses to rehome and those who would like to rehome a horse can determine if they would like to work together.

For more information about assistance in horse matchmaking, please contact us.