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Poe spent the first years of his life staked to a chain in a dirt lot like a dog. He is incredibly friendly and has been handled a lot—and of course stands tied great. We are beginning his ground training to prepare him for riding. Poe is a handsome young gelding with lots of potential. If you are looking for a horse to start, he could be the one, he has not been abused, is healthy and doesn’t appear to have any hang ups other then just needing to learn better ground manners which he is learning every day.

PoeHe is still working out how to be in a herd and hasn’t figured out all the herd manners yet. This is something he is getting better about every day. Although he is under saddle and handles himself well, we are backing up and working on building more muscle tone before we begin any serious saddle training to build more muscle. He is nicely gaited and very responsive.


Breed Tennessee Walker Height Approx.
14.2 hh
Age 5 years Training Green broke
Rider Type Advanced Price $250