Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.


Breed TWH/Saddlebred Cross Height Approx. 15 hh
Age 25+ years Training Green, Western
Rider Type Advanced and Beginner w Supervision Price $250
Rosie is an amazing approximately 25-year-old Tennessee Walker/Saddlebred cross. She can out-move most of the horses here. Rosie lived her entire life on the farm at which she was born. She was ridden for years until the death of her one owner and over the course of her life she was given the run of the 40+ acre farm. She has lived as close to the life of a wild horse as any domesticated horse could. Rosie never had vaccinations or her teeth floated and rarely had her feet done. Yet she was never sick, her feet looked great when we picked her up and her teeth were in good shape. There is something to be said for spending your life exploring the woods and fields. Rosie came to us because her owner could no longer care for her and it was a tearful decision. Today Rosie’s life is very different; some of it I imagine she doesn’t like, like vaccinations, but much of the change she seems very happy with. She really likes people and she loves being with other horses. She likes being blanketed on cold winter days and she likes her stall. She is very spirited and opinionated but knows her basic ground manners. She stands for the farrier and is a dream to load. Rosie is back under saddle and has proven to be a great saddle horse for brief rides. She is farm broke and has been safe enough to carry children when being led by an adult.