Age:18 years

Aegon was abandoned in someone’s field. Luckily that person was willing to feed and care for him for three years but it has become too hard and we were asked to pick him up. We are still learning about Aegon, he is a beautiful Appaloosa gelding with a dominant but nice personality.

Aegon has had extensive riding and is dependable and steady on the trail. He has clearly been exposed to a lot of different environments and has no problem approaching new things on the trail or going out alone. He has been ridden on trails and the road with traffic.

He loads, works well with the farrier, ties well and understands basic ground work. He is incorporated into a mixed herd and does well with other horses.

Aegon has a form of benign cancer called sarcoids. His inner right rear thigh has a spread of flat sarcoid tumors that have been there too long to successfully surgically remove. He has been evaluated by a vet and the sarcoids do not impact his movement and there is no pain or discomfort. We have had him for over four months and have seen no spread of the any of the tumors.

Aegon is a great horse and he deserves a loving home where people are willing to give him the care he needs if the tumors start to regenerate and to just watch for problems and still love him if he has them. Until then he needs and wants to be ridden. He is easily an $800 to $1000 horse given his ridability. His price is low because of the sarcoid as we want to insure he goes to a home who will care for him and love him no matter what his future holds.

Height:Approx. 15 hands
Rider type:Beginning and up
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