Breed:Grayson Highland Feral Pony
Height:Small pony
Age:14 months
Training:Ground work
Rider type:Will be appropriate for small woman or child
Apache and sibling

Apache is the baby on the left in this photo when she was orphaned at 2 months old. She is now a chocolatey brown with a flaxen mane and tail. The photo below is of the stud who is probably her father. If she ends up with a mane and tail like Fabio’s she is going to be a stand out.Apache's father

We rescued three of babies from Grayson Highlands Feral herd this year, Apache being the weakest. She is completely recovered and up to date on all of her medical needs. They are all handled daily by our volunteers and are being used in our school education program where they visit public schools and children get to meet them and lead them. They are easy to catch, great with their feet, load on the trailer, bathe, take wormer well and more.

Over this last year, starting at 6 months, these ponies have been to multiple public functions and handled among large crowds of people with noise and unexpected things going on all around them. They have been hugged and kissed and mauled by multiple children and never bobbled. They are so steady any of these ponies will become excellent lesson ponies or a safe pony for your child. Apache is going to be a find for someone who wants a small pony for a child or to drive a pony.

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