Cardi B

Name:Cardi B
Nickname:Cardi B
Breed:Miniature Horse
Age:12 years
Rider type:n/a
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Cardi B

We were asked to take Cardi B because she had been living on her own with goats for about 10 years and her owner was aging and felt like Cardi wasn’t getting the attention she needed. She was right.

So Cardi couldn’t be caught to put in the trailer, we had to block off all escape routes and run her into the trailer even though her hooves were almost as bad as Winnie’s, it looked like they had been trimmed in about 2-3 years. But that didn’t stop Cardi from giving us a run for our money.

Once we got her back to the farm and took our basic information on her like vitals and identifying photos we realized that she too had foundered and her teeth were in the most horrific condition we had ever seen. The front teeth on the right side are short and worn down, the teeth on the left have never been worn down and when she get’s crazy cuts her lip and inside of her mouth with them. These teeth will have to be ground down and that is just a start on the mouth problems.

But she is a feisty little girl and its going to take some time to get her trusting people again. She didn’t want to have anything with getting her hooves trimmed. She didn’t want to be caught, she didn’t want to go into a pen area. She didn’t want to petted. She was just terrified and contrary because of it. So for now we are working her feet, getting her to the vet to work on her teeth and hug her every chance we get. We can be contrary too. I know there is a sweet little mare in there and one day she’s going to let it slip that she is actually sweet and then the gig will be up.


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