Breed:Grayson Highlands Pony
Age:2 yrs.
Training:Ground work
Rider type:None at present

Catalyst is two years old and she has already had a life. We rescued her at three weeks old, scooping her up, putting her in the back seat of the truck and heading straight for Virginia Tech Vet hospital. She spent ten days there fighting pneumonia and other viruses. She was skin and bones but a real fighter.

At six months, Cat joined our Chester’s Barn Educational Program where she has done a great job being handled by children, learning patience, leading, loading and all sorts of other things. Working with kids is terrific training for her and means you would be adopting a bombproof pony.

Cat still has a lot of growing to do and will probably be between 12 and 13 hands high when full grown at about 3-4 years. She will be ridable and the ground training she is getting now will make putting her under saddle simple. She is so used to people all over her. She has a spicy and fun filled disposition. Very athletic and healthy now. She loves to run!! Cat is going to be a great pony for some lucky person.

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