December 2018


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Guinness came to us in the spring as an owner surrender. He is a gorgeous Rocky Mountain with nice gaits. Guinness was put under saddle by a trainer at a show barn for gaited horses. It appears that his training was very rough. He came in sweet and willing but hot and reactive.


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Aegon was abandoned in someone’s field. Luckily that person was willing to feed and care for him for three years but it has become too hard and we were asked to pick him up. We are still learning about Aegon, he is a beautiful Appaloosa gelding with a dominant but nice personality.

September 2018


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Rocky is a Paso Fino surrendered to us by his owner in 2017. What seemed to be a pretty straightforward surrender of a healthy horse was actually more complicated. He looks great, but he just can’t carry a person's weight anymore and is looking for someone who needs a pasture buddy or a horse pet.


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Athena is a pretty little chestnut filly with white points. She has loads of potential and a kind temperament and will make the perfect beginning lesson pony.


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Apache was orphaned at 2 months old. She was the weakest of a group of feral ponies rescued recently. She has fully recovered now, is a looker as a chocolatey brown with a flaxen mane and tail, and is going to be a find for someone who wants a small pony for a child or to drive.


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Ghost came to us after being abandoned on Watauga Lake. He is a flashy white and brown paint with lots of chrome and two blue eyes. He forms strong human and animal bonds and is probably the sweetest horse in the barn if he trusts you.


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Leith arrived at the farm in a seizure of 20 animals. He is now a beautiful, muscled out, calm gelding who is doing great under saddle. Leith is a handsome bay and looks like a small Warmblood.

Frida Kahlo

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This beautiful mare has been trail ridden all over the southeast. She has impeccable ground manners, does anything you ask of her and if she doesn’t understand will keep trying until she figures it out. She is great with people, friendly and trustworthy.