August 2020


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Comet came in skinny and lacking basic overall good health. They have struggled to adjust to their new life here, although I think they enjoy being friends with lots of horses. Comet was run on the track and had a back injury so he is not meant to be ridden. We don’t know what his pedigree name is, but we will soon have time to decipher his tattoo and check that out.

January 2019


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Catalyst is two years old and she has already had a life. We rescued her at three weeks old, scooping her up, putting her in the back seat of the truck and heading straight for Virginia Tech Vet hospital. She spent ten days there fighting pneumonia and other viruses. She was skin and bones but a real fighter.

September 2018


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Rocky is a Paso Fino surrendered to us by his owner in 2017. What seemed to be a pretty straightforward surrender of a healthy horse was actually more complicated. He looks great, but he just can’t carry a person's weight anymore and is looking for someone who needs a pasture buddy or a horse pet.