August 2020


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Comet came in skinny and lacking basic overall good health. They have struggled to adjust to their new life here, although I think they enjoy being friends with lots of horses. Comet was run on the track and had a back injury so he is not meant to be ridden. We don’t know what his pedigree name is, but we will soon have time to decipher his tattoo and check that out.

January 2019


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Catalyst is two years old and she has already had a life. We rescued her at three weeks old, scooping her up, putting her in the back seat of the truck and heading straight for Virginia Tech Vet hospital. She spent ten days there fighting pneumonia and other viruses. She was skin and bones but a real fighter.

September 2018

June 2017

Frida Kahlo

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Name:Frida Kahlo
Breed:National Show Horse Arab Cross

This beautiful mare has been trail ridden all over the southeast. She has impeccable ground manners, does anything you ask of her and if she doesn’t understand will keep trying until she figures it out. She is great with people, friendly and trustworthy. She can be marish, so introducing her to your other horses should be done carefully. I now have her in with the entire herd and she is doing great but we did it slowly and methodically. She would also be horse that would be happily pastured next to another horse instead of with other horses.

Her moodiness with the herd does not extend to the saddle and under saddle on trails we have had her with horses she knew and horses she didn’t know and if you are an aware rider she handles herself beautifully even when the trail is narrow and the horses get bunched up. You have to see her in person to really understand how beautiful and loving she is. Frida Kahlo, named for her color and temperament with fellow horses, is 19 years old and has had nothing but exemplary care and training. Using natural horsemanship methods she is soft and responsive with a light-handed rider. She has beautiful movement and loves bonding with people.

She hates arenas and has had little experience with ground work. She will lunge but she gets frustrated with too much ground time and will transform into a grumpy difficult horse in an arena. She is a trail horse and anything else just doesn’t work well. She is a horse of strong opinions! But you really can’t see all the good in her unless you come meet her.

Frida was never abused or received poor care. Her owner is retired from riding and could no longer keep her. Frida was ridden on many trails during part of her life--all over the east coast. She was put under saddle in a Kenny Harlow 3-week apprenticeship program and has been with the same owner until now. She’s been ridden alone and in groups on trails in Pennsylvania, Virginia and other places along the eastern seabord. In NC she was ridden at places like South Mountain State Park, the Outer Banks on the beach, Tanglewood Park, Cooke Forest in Pennsylvania, other mountains in PA, etc.

See her video here.

Height:15.75 hands
Age:19 years
Training:Intermediate to advanced trail riding experience
Rider type:Advanced beginner to advanced


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Age:19 years

Leith arrived at the farm in a seizure of 20 animals. We now have only two of those horses left, the remainder having moved on to good homes. Leith may have been one of the healthiest and best adjusted of the group even then. We have not adopted him because he was serving as a companion to another horse foster. But Leith deserves the chance to have his own family.

In November we started him back under saddle and he is being ridden regularly in the ring and some on trails. Now he is a beautiful, muscled out, calm gelding who is doing great under saddle. He is a handsome bay and looks like a small Warmblood. He loads, bathes, stands for the farrier. He is extremely calm and is doing great in getting back under saddle. He is an easy keeper with no health issues. Blends in with other horses well and is just an all around great horse that deserves a forever home. Leith is up to date on all of his shots, Coggins, farrier care, and vetting. Come meet him, he is easy to fall in love with.

See some of his training here.

Height:15 hands
Rider type:Intermediate


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Ghost came to us after being abandoned on Watauga Lake. He is a flashy white and brown paint with lots of chrome and two blue eyes. Good neighbors kept him fed through the winter, although unfortunately his one buddy, a pregnant mare and her foal both died. It was the neighbors who kept him trusting humans. On his arrival it was discovered that he had acquired leptospirosis and was treated accordingly. Unfortunately, chronic uveitis is a secondary symptom of lepto along with reducing his immune response. Ghost, with all the care we could give him still became almost completely blind and has moderate COPD. But that has not reduced his love for life.

Ghost forms strong human and animal bonds and is probably the sweetest horse in the barn if he trusts you. He has learned many verbal cues and responds readily to those commands so that he still safely leads, loads on the trailer, works with the farrier and just learned to let us bathe him. In the pasture he is very comfortable. He always wears a UV fly mask and with the horses he is closest with he continues to gallop all over the pasture and rear and play like young geldings.

Ghost should never be ridden given that he lost his eyesight before he was put under saddle. But he would make a wonderful companion horse and an amazing buddy to play with on the ground.

Height:14.5 hands
Age:9 years
Training:Ground training
Rider type:Pasture companion