Height:16.2 hands
Age:20 yrs.
Rider type:Not rideable

Comet came in skinny and lacking basic overall good health. They have struggled to adjust to their new life here, although I think they enjoy being friends with lots of horses. Comet was run on the track and had a back injury so he is not meant to be ridden. We don’t know what his pedigree name is, but we will soon have time to decipher his tattoo and check that out.

After months of chronic minor health issues, like abscesses, rain rot and muscle atrophy Comet has gained weight and a sheen to his coat. He is ready for a new home with a horse buddy that isn’t pushy and people who like routine. He’s ultra-sensitive to changes and really just wants to live his life out in a boring pasture. He is very sweet and well-behaved. Comet would be happy if you stood there and loved him all day long. He likes to be brushed but he also likes to just be with you as much. He is so well-mannered and sweet, you need to come hang out with him.

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