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Why Be a Corporate Sponsor?

Because supporters of Horse Helpers are YOUR clients and customers! NC equine owners spend around 1.2 billion dollars annually on horse related expenses, with about 90% of this spending supporting businesses in the state and 72% benefiting horse owners’ home counties. Support for local businesses is strong in the equine community and by becoming a corporate sponsor and supporter of Horse Helpers you can help draw local support to your business! The High Country also has a high population of horses and many of our wealthiest tourists are horse owners or supporters. The annual Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show brings in around $7,700,000 every year, with about 5.1 million of that directly benefiting local restaurants, hotels, shops and other businesses.

When you become a corporate sponsor of Horse Helpers we do our best to show you our appreciation. All corporate sponsors are listed on our website and for certain events, donors can include their sponsorship in promotional materials. If you would like to join our team and offer your support, please email us at for further information!