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Equine Experience Tracks

Intro: Equine Experiences provides an opportunity for you to get a behind the scenes look at an equine rescue and gain a chance to create a meaningful relationship with one of the rescued horses.

Equine Experiences allows you to come spend time at Horse Helpers in the way that is most meaningful for you. Look over our tracks and select an option (or more), and then contact Amy Hudnall at horsehelpersnc@gmail.com with “Schedule an Equine Experience” as the subject. In your email, include your name, the track(s) you would like, number of people in your party, ages, and at least 3 dates/times options. We will make every effort to accommodate your first or second choice.

Seven unique tracks put you in control of your time at Horse Helpers. It is our goal to provide you with a memorable experience. Carefully review the tracks explained below to find the best option for you. We want each experience to be enriching and exciting. Come learn and play with us!

All proceeds from Equine Experiences go directly toward caring for our horse

  • Track 1: Personal Guide to the Farm
    • In this track, you are given a one-hour tour of the farm with an opportunity to feed or brush one horse. This option primarily serves as an introduction to Horse Helpers and provides an opportunity to ask questions about horses and rescue work. This is a great choice for families seeking to expose children to horses for the first time or for people with a desire to be with horses but little opportunity.
    • Fees:
      • Individual—$35
      • Couple—$60
      • Group of Three or More—$90

  • Track 2
    • This track consists of one choice from five unique two-hour experiences. Participants may decide to divide their two-hour slot into two (one hour of each), thereby selecting two of the options. For example: I could spend two hours learning about Grooming and Caretaking, or I could spend one hour with Grooming and Caretaking and one hour with Communicating with Horses.
    • Option 1: Photography Session
      • In the two-hour photography block, participants are guided around the farm so that they may take photographs of the horses. Participants should make any special requests beforehand (e.g., taking photos of horses at sunset). This could include shots inside the barn and stalls as well as pasture shots with one horse or a herd.
    • Option 2: Grooming and Caretaking
      • During the grooming and caretaking block, participants learn the basics of horse care, such as feeding and nutrition, grooming, cleaning hooves, and physical signs of health and illness. If a participant indicates interest in owning a horse, this block can give an overview of what day-to-day care for a horse consists of and the usual expenses in providing this care.
    • Option 3: Training
      • This session provides participants with an introduction to horse training. It covers the basics of natural horsemanship and general ground training building respect, lunging, bending. Participants may be able to assist in some aspects of training. Note: This is not a training session for people to bring their horses to be trained. Individuals interested in having their horse trained will be referred to an equine training professional.
    • Option 4: Communicating with Horses
      • Communicating with Horses allows participants to observe body language in the field and to get up “close and personal” in the barn. Participants see how horses communicate with one another, as well as learn how to read and communicate with horses as a person.
    • Option 5: Basic Riding Lessons
      • Always a favorite, this section gives participants an introductory lesson to riding, which includes how to bridle and saddle a horse, riding styles, and safety tips. At the end of the session, participants may be able to enjoy a brief ride in a round pen, provided there is an available horse and handler.

  • Track 3: Horse Helper for a Day
    • Our most comprehensive experience, this option is ideal for individuals seriously interested in horse care and/or rescue, such as pre-veterinary students or someone considering rescuing a horse for their personal use. This option, approximately 6 hours in length, allows the participant(s) to shadow and assist in a typical day’s activities. This can include, but is not limited to, riding along on a pickup, taking a horse to the veterinarian, tending to the barn, assisting with training, moving horses, and basic horse care. Be sure to check with participants beforehand about specific requests, such as if there is a preference to attend on a day when the veterinarian is visiting. At the end of the experience, participant(s) will receive a T-shirt and a Certificate of Completion [see Resources for a sample].
    • Fees:
      • Individual—$250 
      • Couple—$400
      • Group of Three or More—$600 (Please note: This experience is subject to the availability of HHHC staff and volunteers to accommodate groups. Groups of 3 or more, and groups with children, may not be suitable to participate in all activities, such as riding along on a pickup.)