Height:14.5 hands
Age:9 years
Training:Ground training
Rider type:Pasture companion
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Ghost came to us after being abandoned on Watauga Lake. He is a flashy white and brown paint with lots of chrome and two blue eyes. Good neighbors kept him fed through the winter, although unfortunately his one buddy, a pregnant mare and her foal both died. It was the neighbors who kept him trusting humans. On his arrival it was discovered that he had acquired leptospirosis and was treated accordingly. Unfortunately, chronic uveitis is a secondary symptom of lepto along with reducing his immune response. Ghost, with all the care we could give him still became almost completely blind and has moderate COPD. But that has not reduced his love for life.

Ghost forms strong human and animal bonds and is probably the sweetest horse in the barn if he trusts you. He has learned many verbal cues and responds readily to those commands so that he still safely leads, loads on the trailer, works with the farrier and just learned to let us bathe him. In the pasture he is very comfortable. He always wears a UV fly mask and with the horses he is closest with he continues to gallop all over the pasture and rear and play like young geldings.

Ghost should never be ridden given that he lost his eyesight before he was put under saddle. But he would make a wonderful companion horse and an amazing buddy to play with on the ground.

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