Breed:Quarter Horse
Age:13 years
Rider type:n/a for now

A concerned citizen brought Fiona to our attention and with the help of animal control we were able to acquire her. She had a foal by her side and was thin with numerous bleeding tumors around her teats, the largest about the size of a cantaloupe. Fiona Her owner told us she was regularly ridden and has a sweet temperament.

As she has started to feel better more and more of her personality is coming out. She has a stubborn opinionated side and really really wants to be out with the other horses. Her health has improved daily.

Today her weight is good, the largest tumors were removed and she has been on chemo for the last few months. She was diagnosed with pedalostitis along with sarcoid cancer. Pedalostitis mimics founder and makes any movement painful. Today, though, she moves without pain, even on gravel and the pedalostitis is in remission.

Fiona and Chester adopted each other shortly after Chester arrived and she is a bright and happy mare with a hopeful future. She needs to go to a home willing to care for a special needs horse.


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