Height:16 hands
Age:8 years
Training:Advanced English
Rider type:Beginning and up

Grace is an off the track thoroughbred who ran, we think, 3 races. She is almost 8 years old and a beautiful dapple gray at about 16 hh. Grace was retrained as a lesson horse; she showed, gave lessons, and jumped. She has exceptional training And she is not your typical thoroughbred. She’s calm, friendly, and so far seems pretty unflappable.

But Grace is still in rehabilitation and we are not sure how long that will actually be. She could be adopted but only to a handler experienced in how to rehab and willing to put in the time. We are dealing with some chronic autoimmune issues and overall body discomfort, the source of which we have not yet identified.

At some point after she was first adopted from an OTTB rescue her adopter rode her too hard with too little conditioning and ill-fitting equipment. She came to us with all over body pain a lot of stiffness and real desire for nobody to touch her. She was underweight and under muscled because she wasn’t moving much. Our chiropractor has worked on her and made her more comfortable. Our regular vet has done blood work and we are doing some proactive care at his recommendation to help move her through this. We will be making an appointment with our acupuncturist soon as acupuncture may be the ticket plus making her move more. She has put on weight and built her muscle tone up more but is still not where we want her.

So Grace is a work in progress and we have great hopes for her but it isn’t going to happen fast. Be patient and follow her progress. As mentioned above, we would consider adoption to someone experienced in rehabilitation at this point.

See videos of Grace on our You Tube channel.

Grace gymnastic video.


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