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The Hall-Stutts Angel Fund

The Hall-Stutts Angel Fund was established in Fall 2017 by friends of Karen Hall and Steve Stutts to honor their commitment to the welfare of all animals, especially equine.

This fund allows us to support responsible equine owners during times of hardship, providing them with hay and grain, support with vet bills and geldings, along with other short-term expenses. We want to help responsible owners insure their equine receive adequate care while remaining with the family. This is an ideal way for us to help the horse get the care it needs without disrupting the horses’ and their families’ lives.

If you need assistance keep in mind that these are some of the main criteria:

  1. You can show you are a responsible horse owner.
  2. Your need for help is either a one-time or short-term expense.
  3. We do not provide cash but will help you receive the needed service and pay for that service.
  4. If in reason given your situation, you will commit to volunteering with Horse Helpers 3 volunteer hours per $100 of care provided by Horse Helpers.

We all hit hard times; everyone at Horse Helpers understands this and has had their own hard times. We want to help. If you believe you fit the criteria above complete the Hall-Stutts Angel Fund Request and submit to Horse Helpers.

What happens after you submit a form?

As soon as we receive your form we will be in touch with you to schedule an onsite visit. We will want to speak with you in person about the help you need, sometimes there are more problems with which we can help. We will need two references and we will check your references. If you are approved we will provide the assistance you need quickly. The degree of emergency will impact how quickly this process will take.

Expect a follow up contact to see if things are still going okay. Do you need additional help and can we provide it? Can we help you connect with other needed resources?