Breed:Miniature Horse
Age:3 (?) years
Rider type:n/a
sponsored by - tag Rita Morrell

Hank is a flashy white and brown miniature horse with two blue eyes. He came to Horse Helpers as a stud but is now gelded and is adjusting well. He is gentle, friendly, and easygoing. Kids brush him and pick his hooves, they lead him around at the farm without his ever getting impatient.

Hank came to us through his rescuer. According to the people who brought him here, they had seen someone beat him with a hammer and they insisted the man give him up to them. He has a dent, for a lack of a better word, on the left side of his nose and there is still some drainage from the wound. But it is progressively healing and the hole in the bone is now about the size of a tack. There appears to be no sinus cavity damage and there is no infection. He was wary of us but still remained friendly when he first arrived but today he is a little thinner and definitely healthier and happier.


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