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Chance’s Story

Chance is one of the newest Horse Helpers arrivals. He is a very sick little boy—only a year old and missing about 90% of his hair. Chance was rescued when he was about 6 months old and was doing really well until around December. The vets think that because he never had a chance to thrive, that his immune system is shot and he has been unable to fight off any problems a normal horse would have. He began to lose his hair in handfuls. Horse Helpers paid for a vet to come and he did better for a while. But in March, he began going downhill again. The problem became too big for his rescuer to handle and she surrendered him to us.

Chance has been with us for about three weeks now. He has stopped losing hair and is putting on weight. The swelling in his back legs has gone down and the farrier has started working on the deformation in his hooves. Although if you saw him today, you would say he looks terrible, to us, his skin is starting to look better and you can see that his hair is beginning to grow back. Every warm day, he receives medicated baths, and he goes on daily walks to help with his movement. He is getting all kinds of things to help boost his immunity. Our Healing Touch practitioner works on him twice a week and the vets are on top of his traditional healthcare. Read more about Chance . . .

Please help us with his medical expenses if you possibly can.

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