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How to Foster

On rare occasions, Horse Helpers needs temporary care and housing for some of our horses with responsibile individuals willing to foster. Only horses who have been rehabilitated can be fostered so as a foster parent when a horse comes to you, your responsibility is maintaining that horse’s health status.

Foster homes are responsible for basic expenses like feed, hay and ferrier care. Horse Helpers covers the cost of annual vetting. We also cover any healthcare related to injuries unless it is related to neglect caused by the foster home.

We also expect our foster homes to engage with their horse in a way that maintains their current training status, whether it be riding or groundwork. A foster is a great way to offer your horse a companion without adoption responsibilities and we try to carefully match the horse with the new foster family.

Horse Helpers is always available for support or to answer any of your questions. If you choose to foster, you would be responsible for notifying us about any changes in their emotional or physical well-being. We need to be able to show the horse for adoption and Horse Helpers will always attempt to notify you in advance before we bring a potential adopter to see the horse.