Giving sick, abused and unwanted horses a second chance.


These organizations or individuals supply useful information about horses or they are active supporters of Horse Helpers of the High Country.

American Association of Equine Practitioners
A page specifically for horse owners regarding horse health.

The Horse
A website devoted to all issues pertaining to equine

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Kathleen Kelley Fine Art
Kathleen Kelley, a former Horse Helpers president, graciously gave us the rights to use her painting “Partners” for a Horse Helpers T-Shirt

Reagan and Madi Ibach

Check out these young women’s pages. They are amazing photographers and are using their skills to generate funds for horse rescues, Including Horse Helpers. If Reagan and Madi are a sign of future generations then the world looks a little rosier!


Below are some additional resources regarding not only horses, but all animals.

If you see the neglect or abuse of an animal the first place to contact is your county animal control.

Ashe County Animal Control

Avery County Humane Society

Mountain City Animal Control Shelter

Watauga County Animal Control

For information about how to determine if a horse is starved go to this site that lists and explains the official scoring method for a horse’s weight. The site includes other relevant material about horse rescue : Henneke Body Condition Scoring System at Habitat for Horses

North Carolina Equine Law

Information on Federal Laws pertaining to Equine, notably the controversial Horse Protection Act – USDA Animal Welfare

HealthCare Horse Advice for a wide variety of information from hoofs to health care to nutrition.

Southern States Cooperative devoted to equine; offers information on nutrition, training and a variety of other topics.