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Horse Helpers of the High Country
Mission & Vision Statements


Mission: Horse Helpers’ mission is to be a voice for, and to protect all equine through equine rescue, education, and advocacy, and to establish and inspire positive human-animal bonds.

Vision: Horse Helpers’ long-range vision is to establish an equine center on its own property adding space for additional horses and training facilities. Using the networks established across the region, including Appalachian State University, HHHC is expanding its educational offerings to the equine and human community, facilitating greater understanding of the healing of human-animal bonds through meaningful inter-species relationships. Horse Helpers continues to be dedicated to the well being of equine in the High Country. As such Horse Helpers investigates cases of abuse, rehabilitates physically and psychologically abused equine, retrains equine, adopts equine into forever homes, monitors equine after adoptions, advocates for stronger equine protection, and educates the public regarding rescue and equine.