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Permanent Residents


Chester is a three year old black and white miniature horse. He came to us because he had stringhalt in both back legs. He had a bad limp that made us all think of Chester from the TV show Gunsmoke, hence his name. But the name isn't as fitting now. Changing his nutrition and exercise has eliminated the stringhalt almost completely and he now walks with no noticeable catch.


A concerned citizen brought Fiona to our attention and with the help of animal control we were able to acquire her. She had a foal by her side and was thin with numerous bleeding tumors around her teats, the largest about the size of a cantaloupe. Fiona Her owner told us she was regularly ridden and has a sweet temperament.


Hank is a flashy white and brown miniature horse with two blue eyes. He came to Horse Helpers as a stud but is now gelded and is adjusting well. He is gentle, friendly, and easygoing. Kids brush him and pick his hooves, they lead him around at the farm without his ever getting impatient.