Breed:Unknown–Appy Cross
Age:2.5 years
Training:Some ground work
Rider type:TBD
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Rayn is a big question mark at the barn. She arrived in June 2018 very thin, anemic, covered in bites and rain rot. We were called to pick her up when she appeared on someone’s property and no one knew who the owner was. She was scared and after having her at the farm for a few days it was clear she had not had any human handling except to throw hay out in the pasture. We were starting from ground zero. She is a strawberry roan, that is now clear even though she came in all white. But that is about all that we know.

You see, according to the vet, she has suffered malnutrition for so long that she may well be stunted. Her teeth are a mess and not growing at the rate they should because of the malnutrition

Three months later she is no longer skinny, the bites are healed and the rain rot gone. But we keep waiting for a huge growth spurt. She clearly has more growth in her we just don’t know how much. In the meantime we are starting her on her ground training as when she arrived she didn’t even know how to lead. So follow Rayn’s progress and when we have a better idea of what we are going to have with her, she will go up for adoption. If you are interested in her now contact us, we’d be happy to adopt her now to the right home.

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