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How to Report Abuse

If you see an equine you believe needs rescuing or help please contact us at 828-297-1833 and leave a message or email us.

Notify Horse Helpers


All calls will be kept anonymous. HHHC has an licensed equine investigator on its staff and when a call is received the investigator will contact you for further information and then go to the site you identify. A report will be created. We are not allowed by law to enter private property so our first evaluation will be solely visual. HHHC’s investigator will take the information they have obtained plus their report and contact the appropriate agency in that county. This could be animal control or the sheriff’s department.

Working with this agency, the owner will likely receive an opportunity to remedy the problem and when possible we help with education regarding feeding and potential health issues. Through our Hall Stutts Angel Fund if the owner is deemed responsible but in temporary difficulty, HHHC may be able to provide any necessary vetting, feed, forage, or farrier work. These sorts of options will be done through the support of the local county agency. If the final conclusion is that the horse must be surrendered or seized, HHHC will take the horse, rehabilitate and adopt it.