Breed:Paso Fino, registered
Age:20 years
Rider type:Pasture buddy

Rocky is a Paso Fino surrendered to us by his owner due to financial problems, summer 2017. What seemed to be a pretty straight forward surrender of a healthy horse was more complicated.

Rocky was living in swampy land by himself. His hooves were long and he seemed to have an odd gait. But he had a great temperament and seemed willing and kind. His hooves were mush from all the moisture and he is down some in his pasterns. He had no top line from lack of muscle and his hoof care had been inconsistent and of poor quality. He was lame and we weren’t sure at first was the cause was.

Rocky was vetted immediately and the vet and our farrier discussed what problems we were dealing with. First of all, we needed to harden his hoofs, get his overall health improved, and give him a chance to move enough to muscle out. Xrays were done as well as stress tests and no reason for the lameness could be found except for poor farrier care. To lift his pasterns in the back a little the farrier had him in theraupeutic shoes for the last few months. The hope the farrier and vet had was that with a year of good farrier care, getting him balanced again, that there was chance that any lameness or dropping would be alleviated. That has not been the case.

. As wonderful a riding horse as he would have been Rocky needs to be someone’s pasture pal. And a wonderful pasture horse he would be. He looks even better than in this photo, sleek and muscular. He just can’t carry someone’s weight anymore and is looking for someone who needs a pasture buddy or a horse pet.

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