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Rescued Horse

Equine Sponsorship Program

Why Sponsor a Horse?

“One healthy horse costs approximately $1,460 annually, or $122 monthly for minimum care, which includes hay, farrier, feed, minerals and annual vaccinations.

One horse in rehabilitation costs approximately $4,000 annually, or $333 monthly for care, also including hay, farrier, feed, minerals, vaccinations, and necessary care depending on the health of the horse.

Your sponsorship will greatly assist the Horse Helpers of the High Country with these costs, in order to continue providing exceptional care for each horse.”

Monthly Costs

General costs for each horse include hay, feed, and farrier. Monthly, these can be broken down as such:
– Hay – $180/month
– Feed – $54/month
– Farrier – $20/month
– Horses need an average of 6 trims a year, at $40 per visit
Total monthly cost per horse: $274


While we understand that $274 a month may not be feasible, we ask for any amount which you are able to contribute monthly, with a minimum gift of $25 a month.

These contributions can be made monthly, or you can choose to make all 12 contributions at once. The contributions can be made online, or through the mail.


All horses available for adoption are also available for sponsorship. To sponsor a horse, please set up your donation first (click the Donate button above), then  click here to let us know which horse you would like to sponsor.

Once You Have Sponsored Your Horse

– You will receive an adoption certificate
– You will be recognized on the Horse Helpers Website