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Volunteer Spotlight

As a man whose goal has always been to serve his community, Bo Bowman seemed perfect for our first Volunteer Spotlight! Bo has been volunteering with Horse Helpers for over three years, after retiring as Boone’s downtown US postman for over 30 years.

The man knows everyone, is interested in everything, and has built countless varied and unique relationships during his time in Boone. Tom Pace introduced Bo to Horse Helpers and he instantly fell in love… and so did we! Bo’s only prior experience with horses was years before, when his teenage daughter rode, but that didn’t stop him from getting involved.

Bo always arrives at the barn ready to muck stalls. He doesn’t stop until the stalls are clean, and then he’s off to have an afternoon craft beer. At the farm, look for Bo and somewhere nearby you will find our minis Chester and Hank. For a long time he has been Tom Pace’s right-hand man with Chester’s Barn Educational Program.

Bo’s presence over the years has added spirit to our organization whether through mucking stalls, training new volunteers, sharing insights, or just through his warm, welcoming presence. Celebrate this wonderful volunteer by lifting your next beer (or whatever you drink) to Bo!

Bo, Chester and Friend