Be a Horse Helper! We Count on You!

Fiona and Josie

What do Volunteers do at Horse Helpers?
There is a wide variety of volunteer needs, the most obvious being mucking stalls, feeding and grooming horses, and other day-to-day maintenance. There are lighter physical jobs like cleaning leather, putting hay in stalls and scrubbing water buckets. We also have administrative duties, like answering emails, that we could use help with. We are almost 100% volunteer run, we need you! And there is a job for everyone.

How to Volunteer
All volunteers go through a 2-hour training period, these are done two times a month. The first and third Saturdays of every month at 1 pm. We also ask for a commitment of 10 hours a month through the semester or every four month period. You do not need to commit to specific times each month, just please provide us with 10 hours of your precious time.

Why do we require training and time commitments?
Learning to work with large animals, hands on, takes experience. Even if you have been around horses for years, you may not have had experience working with potentially dangerous horses. The training period includes an orientation to the farm, learning the basic skills needed and practices used in this barn, and provides an overview of Horse Helpers culture. After that each time you come you are learning new things. We work hard to insure that everyone has the opportunity to challenge themselves and stretch their skills with horses, thus a commitment of time is crucial for the horses’ routine, you gaining the best experience, and we have someone we can count on.

When are you open for volunteers?
Horse Helpers is open to the public:

Monday 2—5
Wednesday 1—5
Friday 9—1
Saturday 1—5
Sunday 8—12

Later in the fall we will be adding Tuesdays and Thursdays, check Facebook for the update.

How do I know if there are changes in Volunteer Times?
The best way to keep up with any changes in volunteer days is through Horse Helper of the High Country’s Facebook page. There we post all information regarding volunteer time changes or any cancellations.

Where are you Located?
Horse Helpers is about fifteen minutes out of Boone.

Directions: (1199 Odes Wilson Rd. Zionville, NC 28698) Take 421 north towards Mountain City, TN. LEFT on TATER HILL (Tater Hill crosses 421 at the gas station on the right corner) Go on down Tater Hill till it dead ends into SILVERSTONE. Turn RIGHT. Take Silverstone to ODES WILSON Rd. on your left (it comes up fast in a curve and is downhill) The farm is the 3rd house on the right, Pass the 2 story house and park in the gravel lot in front of the big white barn with green shutters. Be sure NOT TO HAVE ANY PART OF YOUR CAR ON THE ASPHALT ROAD, DO NOT PARK ACROSS FROM THE NEIGHBOR’S DRIVEWAY, and PLEASE DO NOT TURN AROUND IN THE NEIGHBOR’S DRIVEWAY!

What’s the best way to get in touch with someone at Horse Helpers?
We are rarely near a phone, so the best contact is our email: horsehelpersnc@gmail.com 

Why would I want to volunteer at Horse Helpers?
Horse Helpers has become a community in itself, supporting each other and doing things together. We have volunteers from age 6 all though way into their 80s. They are locals, professionals, teens, college students. Our volunteers come from all different religions and belief sets and we come together with one common goal, to help these horses and to help people in need. That commonality is enough for us to bridge the divides we might have in other places. We become friends. It gives you another place to belong and best of all, it gives you lots of animal exposure and lots of college students are missing that. The farm has chickens, dogs, a barn cat, horses, right now we have visiting ducks. You never know what animal might show up next. And it is never boring, lots of laughter and camaraderie goes with getting our chores done. It’s just a good place to be.

Fiona and Josie