Why Adopt a Horse from Horse Helpers of the High Country?2018-09-15T10:47:41-04:00

Why adopt a horse from HHHC?

Horse Helpers of The High Country has been rescuing, rehabilitating, retraining and adopting equine since its inception in 2003. Adopting a horse can be an incredibly rewarding experience. In fact one of the things our volunteers say they find most exciting when new horses arrive is watching them blossom, find themselves, feel safe and healthy. This process goes on long after a horse is adopted. The adopters experience the joy of seeing a horse become more trusting, get a glossier coat, and bond in their new home. Yes, they come with quirks and hang ups. But we all have those. 

Of the many advantages to adopting a horse from a reputable rescue is that you will know every quirk a horse has. We have nothing to hide. We are not making any money off of the horses—the fees we charge never begin to cover the expenses we put into a horse—so there is no financial incentive to push a horse on an adopter. Our main goal, our only goal, is to find good, lifelong homes for our horses, so we want you to know everything we know, every problem there might be, and every special thing about your new horse. Our contract requires that we take a horse back if you are unhappy, we want you to be happy, so we want you to know what we know.

That is not to say horses won’t change in a different environment or with different handlers. They develop problems as they age. We can’t be held accountable for these kinds of changes, but we will still always take a horse back when the fit is not right or life circumstances change.

Please review the application and contract carefully. One clause in our contract is that we retain partial ownership of your horse. This raises concerns for many people. The contract states we have the right to come on your property to check the horse, we can ask for vet, and we can at any time come on your property and take the horse back if we deem that it is not receiving the care you agreed to provide. These clauses are rather “off-putting.” The funny thing is that this is the standard dog and cat adoption too, only no one ever reads those. We have no desire to stalk our adopters. However, we would like you to update us with photos at least once a year. If we don’t hear from you we will need to check in on the horse. We will schedule an appointment unless for some reason we have dire concerns regarding a horse’s well-being, or the risk of the horse being moved because we are coming. If there are problems we will work with you to determine the best outcome for the horse. Remember that our mission is the care of the equine and it would be “illegal” as a corporation for us not to carry out our mission.

On the flip side, the contract also states that we are legally bound to take back any of our rescues at any time for any reason. This is a huge potential burden on HHHC and we don’t make this promise lightly. The goal of our contract is to protect the horse and we must do that for any reason. You are being protected too.

A final advantage is that HHHC always has your back. We are always only a phone call away if you have health concerns, need to find a hay vendor, a vet, or a farrier. We can help you find a trainer, make boarding suggestions and when we get a chance we love going on trail rides with our adoptees. Adoption provides you an adopted family with resources that go on through the life of your horse.

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