Breed:Small pony
Height:Small pony
Age:13 years
Rider type:n/a

We were asked to take Winnie because of her hooves, supposedly they were too long and as the owners understood it, they couldn’t be fixed. We were told she was laying down a lot and having trouble walking. Well, they were right about most of that. Her hooves were starting to curl up so she was laying down and when we arrived in the pasture.

She smelled like she was rotting and was covered in flies that she didn’t care about flicking off—bad sign. We kept looking for wounds to find the source of the smell. It was her hooves. Her frogs were literally rotting off. She could hardly make it out of the pasture and to the trailer she was in so much pain. We had to lift her into the trailer. When we got to the farm we lifted her off the trailer and helped her into a stall and got pain medication ASAP.

The farrier came the next day and he had to use a battery operated saw to start working on her front hooves. The first hoof she fought us on and then it was like a light went on, she felt better and could stand on that hoof. She never fought us again. She was so happy to get all that distortion off her body.

Winnie has foundered at some time in her life. So she will always need only limited grass and the rest of the time on dry lot. She loves to be loved. She’ll stand all day to let you rub her and pet her. She’s now in with our little pony herd and rules the roost and although she isn’t running any races, she moves around great. Every farrier trim we get closer to her being back to good health. Come meet Winnie, our sweet little pony.

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